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    Having successfully run Facebook based online classes for 14 weeks during our Covid-19 lockdown, we have decided that we will continue to provide live stream classes permanently. These will be actual physical classes with real customers being streamed as they are running. The customers have agreed to allow us to stream them, and will endeavour to not interfere with the camera view as much as possible, though it will be impossible to avoid it altogether.
    With this in mind, there is a second camera view projected in the top right corner which will provide an uninterrupted view of the instructor's feet from an elevated angle. This is not on the top left corner,as the Facebook live button and attendance count would interfere with this view. It is also not in the bottom,as it would cover any wide screen view of the instructor's feet which would be detrimental to learning.
    View of the instructor's torso or head is not important to learning the footwork, so is a lower priority.
    We have also provided two coloured bars either side of the picture, a Red one on the Right and a Blue one on the Left. The instructor will refer to front and back walls, and the side walls will be referred to as Red and Blue walls to allow for better orientation for remote customers.
    The teaching techniques used are described in the book "Line Dance Essentials", and the terminology used will be documented in the upcoming terminology booklets available at the end of the year.
    The current schedule (Adelaide, Central Australian Time Zone) for online classes is:-
    Mainstream / Improver Level - Wednesdays 10 am-Noon

    The recordings of the classes will be retained on our FaceBook page for 1 week before being deleted. There is a good likelihood that the recordings after they have finished "live streaming" may have some of the music muted by the licensing people, and this is out of our control.
    Payment for the first month will be voluntary while we determine the level of interest. We do not think it would be fair to allow free classes to continue indefinitely while those attending are paying to be there. For this reason, there will be a Facebook Group set up to reduce availability to non-contributors in the longer term. Physical attendees to the classes are paying Aus $13 per class.
    Should you wish to contribute, please go to the online payments page and make a reference of "online class" and your Facebook name, so we can attribute the payment to the correct person.
    If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement of our online product, please send it to:-
and we will endeavour to satisfy your needs.

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