Welcome to our third newsletter for 2022
    We have some good news, and some bad news for you all.
    Good news - We are back to 1 person per 4 square meters, which is what we have been doing for most of the last 2 Years, so effectively no limits to numbers. Please come back.
    Bad news - Our prices need to go up from 1 st March for us to stay viable in our current structure. We have no choice, many of our venues are going up (or have done so already), and we have no spare resources to absorb the effect.
More details below about:
Dancer Density Restrictions - UPDATE
Class Price Rises
Upcoming Socials
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

Dancer Density Restrictions - UPDATE

    As of midnight yesterday (Thursday 10 th February) the limit of 1 person per 7 square Metres has been removed and replaced with the previous limit of 1 per 4 square Metres. This effectively doubles our capacity back to regular numbers, so there will be no need to turn people away, nor pre-book classes. We also no longer have a 45 person limit for socials, it is back to 80 or so.
    Obviously the government advisors have determined the Omicron wave is on the decline and the health system is able to survive any increase that this change may cause. This is great news for those regulars that have been coming along throughout the start of the Month. I would like to think that the rest of you, that are still hunkered down at home, might poke your toe outside the door and return to some form of normality.
    We have tried to keep you safe throughout this ordeal, but we are concerned about the mental health aspects of self imposed lock down. Especially on those of you not getting the only external social contact that your regular class was providing. We would love to see you back soon.
Remember the previous restrictions apply:
Only fully vaccinated people will be allowed entry (proof is required the first time),
You MUST wear a mask at all times, except when dancing or consuming food or drink
You MUST provide or verify your contact details at the door when asked
You MUST maintain social distancing when seated during the breaks
You should check in via the QR code if you are able to (yes we still have to).
    We are not tracking boosters, as our opinion is that if people were willing to be vaccinated in the first place, they are likely to maintain their vaccination status appropriately. This may change if the government definitions of "fully vaccinated" changes in the future.
    We both had our booster on Sunday just gone, and have recovered from the mild side affects.

Class Price Rises

    Firstly, I would like to say that we haven't had a price rise since 1 st Jan 2019.
    Secondly, Class sizes are now at their lowest in ages, due to fear of Covid-19.
    Many classes are on the verge of shutting and we cannot keep them open and lose money because we no longer have any extra money to lose.
    Thirdly, many of our venues are similarly cash strapped, and are adjusting their charges accordingly. We have had some double, and one of them quadrupled their charges (we had to leave).
    Fourthly, we have had a very financially difficult couple of Years, with lock-downs etc, and have still kept working without significant pay to keep you entertained with online classes and information newsletters.
    The situation we find ourselves in is unprecedented, and we hope will never happen again.
    We have decided that from 1 st March 2022 the following prices will apply:
1 hour class - $9
1.5 hour class - $12
2 hour class - $15
    We understand that for those of you in the 2 hour classes that it is a $ 2 increase, but it has to be, to be sustainable for the next 3 Years (I hope to not have another one until then).
    For those of you that have already purchased multi-passes, you are going to be able to get discounted classes until your existing pass runs out. From now on, anyone purchasing a multi-pass will be paying the new price.
    We will keep the social prices at $ 15 for the rest of the Year, unless the new manager decides to change the rent structure (as usually happens when a new manager comes in).
    We hope you understand and this doesn't cause you to give up line dancing.


We have set the dates for the standard 2022 socials. They are:
Sunday 27 th February
Sunday 27 th March
Sunday 1 st May
Sunday 29 th May
Sunday 26 th June
Sunday 24 th July
Sunday 28 th August
Sunday 25 th September
Sunday 6 th November
Sunday 11 th December
    Don't forget, very reasonably priced meals are available as usual, prior to the social.
    What we do about the Xmas breakup social will be determined later in the Year, when we are more confident in how things will operate in 2022. We do have the 5 th November booked at Goodwood for the large Saturday event, but are keeping a Sunday slot also available should we decide to again postpone a large event due to Covid-19 concerns.

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