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    Welcome to our second newsletter for 2022
    We are now back from our trip to Victoria, and even though we have no symptoms, have used and passed a RAT test with no signs of Covid-19 infection. So all is good from that perspective.
See below for information about:
Dancer Density Restrictions - PLEASE READ
Holiday Classes
Upcoming Socials
Farewell - Pam Walker
    All public classes will be reopening as planned from 31 st January (next week), though the Murray Bridge class may be delayed for a few weeks due to some health issues with Debbie (She will let you know the starting date when she gets things sorted).
See you on the dance floor,
Liz & Peter Heath and the Instructor Team

New Dancer Density Restrictions

    Since we closed classes in December, there have been some more restrictions put in place to reduce the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. Prior to Christmas, we were allowed one person per four square Metres. Now the requirement is one person per seven square Metres. This will create an issue for some classes. The limit may keep some very small classes closed, as they cannot cover the cost of hiring of the venue. Others may get too crowded and be required to turn customers away.
    When we were first confronted with this issue at the start of the pandemic in 2020, we decided to not open classes until all classes could be opened simultaneously, to avoid venue migration and overfilling the larger classes. We did this because we did not know what we were facing, and the time frame was (we had hoped) reasonable short and then all would be well.
    The situation is very different now. There are no closure mandates from the Government, only restrictions on how to conduct classes, leaving it to the operators of businesses to make the decisions. There is no foreseeable end to the situation we are in, so there is no point in waiting for things to change for the better, as it may not happen.
    So we are going to change slightly how we will conduct the attendance and payment for classes.
    Each class that opens will have a maximum attendance limit (this does not include staff i.e. instructor and door person, if there is one). Whoever unexpectedly turns up after the limit is reached will be politely turned away after being give the chance to prepay for the following week if a spot is available.
    You can prepay for the following week/s class/es, with the understanding that:
    You do not attend if you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 (until the required isolation period has been completed and any required negative test have been received),
    If you don't turn up, your money is forfeit (unless you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and prove it with official documentation after recovery),
    There is NO transferring of prepaid attendance to a third party, as a courtesy to the instructor and your fellow dancers, you let the instructor know if you are not going to attend, even though you have paid.
    Remember, do not come to class if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 (even if you have pre-paid for a class). It is just not worth the risk.
    We are doing this in order to keep the classes safe, viable and maintain an attendance that sustains the atmosphere of well attended classes. We don't want a full class of prepaid spots and only a handful of actual customers attending.
    We also don't want people to drive long distances to their class only to be turned away because the class is full.
    Obviously, the first week back is likely to be a bit chaotic, as we have no prepaid history yet, so please be patient till the new system settles in. There are bound to be teething problems.
    Remember the previous restrictions apply:
Only fully vaccinated people will be allowed entry (proof is required the first time),
You must wear a mask at all times, except when dancing or consuming food or drink
You must provide or verify your contact details at the door when asked
You must maintain social distancing when seated during the breaks
You should check in via the QR code if you are able to.
    We are not tracking boosters, as our opinion is that if people were willing to be vaccinated in the first place, they are likely to maintain their vaccination status appropriately. This may change if the government definitions of "fully vaccinated" changes in the future.

Holiday Classes

    The holiday classes were very well attended, and we thank those of you that came for supporting them. I gather Johnathon did a great job, and we thank him for giving up his holiday break to keep you all entertained.


We have set the dates for the standard 2022 socials. They are:
Sunday 27 th February
Sunday 27 th March
Sunday 1 st May
Sunday 29 th May
Sunday 26 th June
Sunday 24 th July
Sunday 28 th August
Sunday 25 th September
Sunday 6 th November
Sunday 11 th December
What we do about the Xmas breakup social will be determined later in the Year, when we are more confident in how things will operate in 2022. We do have the 5 th November booked at Goodwood for the large Saturday event, but are keeping a Sunday slot also available should we decide to again postpone a large event due to Covid-19 concerns.
    Our social venue has a limit of 45 people based on the current restrictions. We have been getting over 60 recently, so it means we are going to have to impose a limit there as well.
    We will be selling tickets prior to the February social, so speak to your instructor about reserving one before they sell out. The March social tickets will then be sold at the February social only and so on while restrictions exist. Social tickets are transferrable should you be unable to use them. Any left over spots will be available to people that turn up at the door, but there are no guarantees that spots will be available.

Farewell - Pam Walker

    During the break we had the unfortunate circumstance that one of our long term dancers Pam Walker passed away. Due to covid-19 restrictions there were limits of numbers at the funeral, but I gather a few of you were able to get there (we were unfortunately interstate). We did communicate our condolences to her daughters Shari and Naomi who we personally know. Pam has been an important part of our organization from near the very start. She was a long time door person at the Ingle Farm class with Robyn, and part of the original floorshow team when we were doing Corporate and community demonstrations for many Years. She was always good for a laugh and will be sorely missed by those the knew her. Rest in Peace Pam.